The firm undertakes audits with highest quality standard and reports on the financial statements of public and private sector companies complying with the local laws and in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing. Our audit specialists use their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional client service which is responsive to the requirements of the audit. Audit quality is our top priority. For fulfilling this commitment to maintain the highest audit quality the firm requires care in making sure that our audit work complies with the changing regulations and professional standards.

Our audit services include;

  • Financial Statements Audit
  • Financial Statements Review
  • Agreed Upon Procedures


We provide services to help clients to prevent, detect and investigate corruptions, asset misappropriation and other illegal acts their organizations may be exposed to. We have a wide experience in financial investigations and special audit.

The services in this area include;

  • Conflict of interest review
  • Ethics Review
  • Special audit of receipts and revenue
  • Suspected fraud and malpractice investigation
  • Verification of fixed assets, inventories, investments